Keeping Sheep

Jack Cockburn
While they can be hardy and self-sufficient, sheep require a knowledgeable and dedicated shepherd to care for them throughout the year. With an easy-to-read style and over 200 colour photographs, this book provides guidance on managing a healthy flock, as well as a holistic view of the diverse roles sheep can play on any farm or smallholding, including:
The history of native breeds and their conservation, Preparing land, welfare, handling sheep, including sheepdog training, economical feeding and grazing practices, common health problems, rams, tupping, management of pregnant ewes, lambing and aftercare, shearing and wool and the role sheep play in the conservation of grassland, carbon sequestration and the restoration of wildlife habitats
Keeping Sheep by Jack Cockburn

About the author

Jack Cockburn studied Organic Agriculture as a postgraduate at the University of Wales and then took on the running of a traditional grassland farm in Ceredigion, where he established a rare breed flock of Llanwenog sheep, a herd of Hereford beef cattle and an orchard. Later diversification includes the restoration of hay meadows, woodland planting and the creation of holiday accommodation. Jack has run courses for people new to smallholding, written magazine articles, and featured in the BBC One TV series Secret Life of Farm Animals.

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