Khaki Drill & Jungle Green

Richard Ingram Martin J Brayley
The new paperback edition of Khaki Drill & Jungle Green offers the most detailed examination ever published of the tropical uniforms issued to all three services in the Mediterranean theatre and in South-East Asia during World War II. The evolution of tropical uniforms under the pressure of campaign experience between 1939 and 1945 is traced in Martin Brayley's nearly 300 striking colour photographs, showing live models wearing rare original uniforms and equipment, and carrying period weapons, in authentic settings.
The subjects illustrated cover a wide range, from rear echelon staff to a Bren gun crew of 'Desert Rats', and Alamein tank crewman and a naval party ashore in Malta; from RAF 'erks' and Army Pioneers sweating on fatigues, to a kilted Highlander exploring the sights of India, an infantry man of Slim's victorious 14th Army slogging through the jungle swamps of Burma.
Khaki Drill & Jungle Green by Richard Ingram Martin J Brayley

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About the author

Richard Ingram is a lifelong collector of British militaria, and a member of the Khaki Chums living history group. He has co-written numerous magazine articles.
Martin J Brayley is a professional photographer and author, specializing in works on uniforms and militaria. He served in the armed forces for 24 years, and has a keen interest in all aspects of military history, particularly the uniforms and equipment of the 20th century. He is also a dedicated military researcher and collector and a regular contributor to the French magazine Militaria. He has had many books published by Crowood including The World War II Tommy - British Army Uniforms, Europe 1939-45 and World War II British Uniforms in Colour Photographs.