Justyn Billingham
Kickboxing is practised all over the world and is one of the fastest growing sports today. Moreover, it is a martial art that can be enjoyed by almost everyone who is physically fit, regardless of age, size or ability. This detailed book will be of value to all those interested in kickboxing; whether you simply want to train for fun or have higher goals, the techniques and drills in this book will be of enormous assistance to you.

Topics covered:

Explains how to warm up correctly to reduce the risk of injury

Discusses how to achieve improved flexibility

Shows how to develop the box [side] split and front split stretch

Considers basic punches and provides the associated training drills

Illustrates advanced hand techniques

Analyses basic kicks and the training drills that are involved

Examines advanced kicks including static kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks and jumping spinning kicks

Covers sparring drills, conditioning exercises, individual training drills and partner training drills
Kickboxing by Justyn Billingham

About the author

Justyn Billingham started training in taekwon-do at the age of fourteen and also took up karate and kickboxing to further advance his training and knowledge of martial arts. Over a period of twenty-two years he has achieved several dan grades including a third dan in kickboxing. Justyn has held various titles throughout his tournament years, and is considered by many to be an authority on stretching and dynamic kicking. Justyn is currently a monthly columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine.

Resident - Berkshire