Kickboxing Training Drills

Justyn Billingham
Continual improvement of technique is a crucial part of a kickboxing fighter's success. Good technique will turn a run-of-the-mill kick or punch into an effective attack against an opponent. Kickboxing Training Drills breaks down the key elements of kickboxing moves, and provides a reference guide that will allow fighters to examine and refine each element of their attack. It will help instructors and coaches hone a fighter's technical training to enable the student to perform to the best of their ability.
Kickboxing Training Drills by Justyn Billingham

About the author

Justyn Billingham started training in taekwon-do at the age of fourteen. While studying that art, he also took up karate and kickboxing to further advance his training and knowledge of the martial arts. Over a period of twenty-five years, he has achieved several dan grades, including a fourth dan in kickboxing, and is currently a monthly columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine. He is the author of Kickboxing - From Beginner to Black Belt and Kickboxing Sparring, both published by Crowood.