Kiln Forming Glass

Helga Watkins-Baker
Kiln Forming Glass captures the excitement of working with glass and explains the techniques involved in this stimulating sphere of glass making. It discusses numerous aspects of this exciting and absorbing method of working. This practical instruction is accompanied by striking visual images of kiln formed glass by established glass artists, as well as unique snapshots of some of their own making processes.

Topics covered include:

Technical aspects of glass - its physical characteristics, compatibility and annealing issues

Materials and equipment - a look at the wide array of glass materials and tools available

Detailed analysis of techniques - fusing, slumping, kiln casting and pate de verre

Step-by-step guides to completing projects with practical information and firing guides

An in-depth look at the lost wax technique for kiln casting glass

Further and more advanced kiln forming methods to extend creativity and skills
Kiln Forming Glass by Helga Watkins-Baker

About the author

Helga Watkins-Baker is a practising glass artist. She trained in architectural stained glass, undertook postgraduate studies in kiln techniques for glass at Central St Martin's College, London, and an MA in Glass at Wolverhampton University, specialising in kiln forming. She has served as chairperson of the Contemporary Glass Society, curated major exhibitions of South-West England glass makers and also worked as a freelance glass consultant. She has completed numerous private and public commissions in glass. In 2000 Helga co-founded the Liquid Glass Centre in Wiltshire, where she continues to teach kiln techniques for glass. It has been her experience of teaching kiln forming to many new and established glass devotees which has provided the inspiration for this book.