Lace and Open Fabrics

Elena Berenghean
Lace knitting is a versatile technique used to create fabrics that are characterised by holes or open spaces in a specific pattern. This book introduces you to the basics of producing lace and guides you through the process of knitting a multitude of fun stitches. Supported by over 300 photos and charts, it serves as a stitch library that you can use for inspiration for your projects, while encouraging you to develop your own designs.
Lace and Open Fabrics by Elena Berenghean

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About the author

Elena Berengheanis a knitwear designer who studied fashion and textiles (knitwear specialisation) in London. She continues to gain invaluable industry experience while working as a swatch designer in knit studios. She enjoys sharing what she has learnt through tutoring students and producing content for online communities of machine knitters.

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