Lake District

Ian Francis Stuart Holmes Bruce Yardley
From Scafell’s towering volcanic crags to the deep lake-filled glacial valleys of Wasdale and Buttermere, the Lake District possesses an extraordinary variety of scenery in a relatively small area. This dramatic landscape has inspired writers, climbers, painters, and all who seek the solitude and beauty of the high fells – and wish to understand the forces that have shaped this unique place. With over 230 illustrations including maps and superb photographs with unique aerial views and panoramas, it includes: easy-to-understand explanations of how the rocks formed; how the geology affects the landscape and an exploration of the long human story of Lakeland landscapes. There are guided excursions to seven easily accessible geological locations and a dedicated website, with a Google Earth photographic guide to all the main localities mentioned in the book: This book will enable you to ‘read’ the landscape, understand how the region’s rocks were formed, how glaciers and rivers sculpted the fells and valleys, and how human interaction with geology and climate has helped to create the Lake District today.
Lake District by Ian Francis Stuart Holmes Bruce Yardley

About the author

Ian Francis grew up near Loweswater, in the northwest Lake District. Having gained his degree and PhD in geology at Oxford, he worked for several years in Australia, before returning to the UK to commission earth science books at Blackwell (later Wiley-Blackwell). He lives in Maryport, on the Cumbrian coast.

Stuart Holmes is a self-taught photographer from Keswick in the northern Lake District, specializing in landscape and adventure sports photography. Using a paraglider to take aerial photographs enables Stuart to capture landscapes from new perspectives, highlighting features that may not be obvious from the ground.

Bruce Yardley is Emeritus Professor in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, where he taught geology and geochemistry for 30 years. He has written 8 academic books, published over 130 research papers, served as Science Secretary of the Geological Society and President of the Mineralogical Society.

Press Reviews

If you are visiting the Lake District and are interested in its geology, this guide is a great place to start.

- Jon Trevelyan, reviewer Deposits

This is probably the best book I have read on the geology of the Lake District, so easy to understand, not full of jargon and explains in layman’s terms how the landscape of the Lakes was formed and shaped.

- Warren Allison reviewer

It's accessible style and lack of jargon provides a fascinating insight into how the Lake District was formed and shaped. For the novice or experienced fell walker, this edition will add depth to your adventure.

- Christopher James, Conserving Lakeland Magazine

The stated aim, one that is admirably fulfilled, is to provide an accessible text that can be understood and enjoyed by non-experts. This is a book that can be recommended wholeheartedly, for expert and non-expert alike.

- David Bridgland, Earth Heritage Magazine

A delight to read. The authors, by following Einstein’s razor, commonly stated as: Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler, keep their text tight and economical, and yet by no means superficial. With its straightforward descriptions of how Lakeland rocks formed and how they have affected
the landscape, along with 230 illustrations including magnificent aerial photographs and well-chosen maps, the book will appeal to a wide audience. Additionally, a splendid companion website is made freely available. Its varied supplementary materials are well worth visiting. Clicking on the coloured placemarks reveals photographs and descriptions of key locations mentioned in the book. Very impressive! It is impossible to close this review without singling out the illustrations for special praise. All are closely allied to the text to make a telling point about the geology or landscape. Stuart Holmes’s aerial shots, many taken from his paraglider, have won numerous awards. It is easy to see how wild and mountainous landscapes are his passion.

- Roy Thompson, The Edinburgh Geologist

Combining erudite but accessible commentaries with stunning landscape photographs, informative maps and the occasional graph or chart, Ian and his fellow authors detail the processes that have contributed to, conditioned and, in some cases, threatened the Lake District's environment. This overview then gives way to a series of excursions that conduct the reader on a tour of seven of the region's characteristic localities, including the Seathwaite Valley and Coniston copper mines. The addition of these excursions adds to the value of this attractive and well-produced study, which will be especially interesting for readers wishing to venue outdoors.

- Christopher Donaldson, Cumberland & westmorland Antiquarian & Arch Society newsletter