Lamborghini Diablo

Thillainathan Pathmanathan Anne Christina Reck
This book examines the Diablo in detail, starting with Ferruccio Lamborghini’s objectives for his eponymous supercar company and his diktat that it eschew racing, which would go on to heavily influence the Diablo’s design and development, even though the founder had long since left the company. Each of the model variants is examined in detail, as are the socio-politico-economic factors that that made designing and developing the Diablo imperative and unavoidable , and which forced the Sant’ Agata works into making evolutionary modifications as well as introducing radical innovations over the course of the Diablo’s long reign. Written by two passionate and deeply knowledgeable owners who for over two decades have run two wedge shaped, spaceframe, Bizzarrini-engined Lamborghini flagships, this book also delves into pre-purchase considerations, the Diablo’s known foibles and the value of a pre-purchase inspection, before discussing the buying process, the trials and tribulations of periodic servicing, preventative maintenance, and garaging, after which it shares the sheer elation and exhilaration of actually piloting a Diablo.
Lamborghini Diablo by Thillainathan Pathmanathan Anne Christina Reck

About the author

Dr Thillainathan Pathmanathan’s fascination with Lamborghinis was spiked at the age of eight by the sight of the Marzal concept car. His interest in Sant’ Agata’s supercars has never waned since. Dr Pathmanathan’s primary interest is in the wedge-shaped, longitudinal mid-engined, spaceframe-chassised, Bizzarrini-engined, Lamborghini flagships. He has authored the world’s first stand-alone books on the Lamborghini Murcielago and the KTM X-BOW, and more recently has written a book on the Lamborghini Countach. He has owned Countach Chassis JLA12399, a totally factory standard Rosso Siviglia 88 1/2 5000 QV – one of only fourteen RHD cars in the world – since 2001. A sibling in the form of Murcielago Chassis 1564, an unaltered Arancio Atlas 2005 Roadster, arrived in 2014. His most precious automotive memories are of meeting Paolo Stanzani, Giampaolo Dallara and Umberto Marchesi.

Dr Anne Christina Reck’s first sighting of a guillotine-door Lamborghini V12 entranced and enchanted her. Her respect for these Sant’ Agata flagships grew with each visit to Sant’ Agata, and with every encounter with the people who conceived, developed, built and now preserve these automotive jewels. Dr Reck has co-authored books on the KTM X-Bow and the Lamborghini Countach. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Copenhagen, trained as an eye surgeon in London and Southampton, and did a specialist Retinal Fellowship at Moorfields Eye Hospital before being appointed a Consultant Eye Surgeon in 1999. Her most abiding car memory remains seeing the last Diablo rolling off the Sant’ Agata production line just before the launch of the Murcielago in 2001.

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