Land Rover Series 1 Restoration Manual

Theo Ford-Sagers Benjamin Stowe
Land Rover Series I Restoration Manual has been written with the home restorer in mind and the aim of providing knowledge, confidence and the technical details required for a full restoration. The book follows a 1957 Series I 109in, but also discusses how the other Series I models differ. Each task is broken down into step-by-step instructions with accompanying photographs, from minor repair and maintenance procedures to a thorough inspection and refurbishment of the engine’s core components. There are additional tips on how to keep restoration costs under control and what it takes to make a concours winner stand out from the pack. Superbly illustrated with over 830 colour photographs.
Land Rover Series 1 Restoration Manual by Theo Ford-Sagers Benjamin Stowe

About the author

Theo Ford-Sagers is a regular contributor to Land Rover Owner magazine, as well as various classic vehicle publications, and writes from his home in Scotland. His most cherished possession is the 1968 Series IIA that he has owned for over a decade, and which once took him to the Alps – together with Ben in his 1949 Series I.

Benjamin Stowe has spent his entire working life building Land Rovers for work and pleasure. He has owned twenty-three Series Is, restored over forty, and travelled all over Europe in Series Is that he has built for the purpose. Career highlights include his 1948 80in winning the Series One Club’s ‘Best Restoration’ at the club’s National Rally in 2018, and restoring the famous ‘Oxford’ Series I for the Last Overland expedition from Singapore to London. He runs Black Paw 4x4 Ltd, a Land Rover specialist in Yorkshire.

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