Land Rover Spotter's Guide

Ian Garner
The Land Rover is one of the most recognised vehicles ever produced and is nothing short of a British Institution. From its humble beginnings based on an ex-World War II Jeep chassis in 1947 to a £200,000+ Range Rover in 2023, for over seven decades Land Rover has provided the 4x4s of choice for royalty, the armed forces, celebrities and the everyday family. As well as being a beloved family carrier, it has transported explorers across continents, kept farms producing, helped police nations and been instrumental in saving the lives of those lost or stranded in difficult terrain. The Land Rover Spotter’s Guide pays homage to this jack-of-all-trades workhorse that was once promoted as the world’s most versatile vehicle, charting the history of all the Land Rover variants manufactured, starting with the first prototype built in 1947. The smorgasbord of information covered includes conversions, both military and civilian, that have been produced both by Land Rover and by thirdparty companies, along with many of the prototype and concept vehicles produced over the years. There is a focus on the technical aspects of the vehicles, and the specifications of all the production variants made are detailed. The Land Rover has been used in various expeditions since the early days, and this book also covers some of the Land Rover products used for these, as well as the vehicles used for competitions such as the Camel Trophy and G4 challenges. These include those produced by Bowler, which is now owned by Jaguar Land Rover. Whether you are new to the Land Rover or a seasoned enthusiast, there will be something for you on the pages of this highly illustrated, informative book
Land Rover Spotter's Guide by Ian Garner

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About the author

Ian M. Garner has been fascinated by Land Rovers from an early age, when his father bought a very early Series III to tow the family caravan, and he can still recall the excitement felt on seeing the vehicle for the first time. Over the years he has read everything he could get his hands on about Land Rovers in a quest to satisfying his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. As soon as he could, he bought his first Land Rover, a Freelander, which was quickly followed by a Ninety, then his first Series IIA. He currently owns five Land Rovers – a 1967 109in Series IIA Camper, a 1968 88in Station Wagon, a 1971 Series IIA 88in Soft top, a 1974 Range Rover classic fitted with a Series III Stage 1 pick-up body and a 2020 Defender D240. Ian is the Land Rover Series 123 Club area representative for Yorkshire, where he lives close to many of Yorkshire’s fine green lanes, which he drives regularly. This book is the culmination of years of research, which started with a childhood love that remains to this day.

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