Landscape Painting

Richard Pikesley
Underpinning all good landscape painting is observation. Starting from this standpoint, this book introduces the artist to painting the natural and man-made landscape. Initially equipped with just a handful of pencils and paper to explore the world outside, it allows confidence to grow alongside an understanding of the art and craft of painting landscape. Written by artist Richard Pikesley, it demonstrates his approach and that of other contributors, who illustrate the diversity of paths that can be taken to achieve a passionate and personal response to the landscape. Richly illustrated with over 300 colour images, this book emphasizes the importance of observation, and advises on how to 'learn' the landscape; it teaches the rudiments of drawing, and develops confidence and technical understanding of the subject; it explains colour mixing on the palette, and how colour works in nature and is affected by sunlight. Also included is a guide to the materials, equipment and techniques of the landscape painter. Finally, there is advice on presenting, framing and displaying your work, and how to find exhibition opportunities.
Landscape Painting by Richard Pikesley

About the author

Richard Pikesley RWS PPNEAC is a professional artist and teacher. Painting landscape has always been the central part of his output, working in oils, watercolour and printmaking. As a qualified and experienced teacher, he has worked alongside novice and emerging artists, and leads painting trips and courses in the UK and abroad. Elected to membership of the prestigious New English Art Club at the age of twenty-three, he has recently served as its president. He is a member of the Royal Watercolour Society, and exhibits in solo and group exhibitions all over the UK, as well as contributing to many exhibitions across the world.

Press Reviews

" This is a book which is both bold and comprehensive in scope and the project is one that requires an artist of the calibre of Richard Pikesley to pull off successfully. The result is a tour de force that amply lives up to the promise of the title. There really is something for everyone here. "

- The Artist