Chris Taylor
Leatherwork is a centuries-old craft which is as absorbing and enjoyable today as ever. This book introduces the basic tools and techniques needed before explaining more advanced ideas for designing and decorating leather. With an easy-to-follow text, step-by-step photogrpahs and explanatory line drawings, this practical book describes how to use those techniques to make handmade items with a professional finish.
Leatherwork by Chris Taylor

About the author

Chris Taylor has always done leatherwork as a hobby, his interest in saddlery started by making practical repairs to his own tack. He quickly found he had a natural talent. This led to him seeking training and joining the Society of Master Saddlers, which eventually led to his appointment as a qualified master saddler. He has worked for a range of clients and a recommendation from Leeds Armoury led him to China to study and reconstruct a 2400 year old saddle discovered at the Subeixi Cemetery in the Turpan Basin. Recognized fro his reconstruction of Roman leatherwork, he has received commissions from around the world.