Line and Wash Painting

Liz Chaderton
Line and wash is an exciting combination. This practical book shows you how to exploit the strength of ink with the transparency of watercolour to produce powerful and dynamic paintings. With over 170 illustrations, it covers a wide range of styles and subjects, before exploring mixed media, new surfaces and other ways to take your line and wash work to another level. Includes advice on choosing materials; exercises to hone your drawing and painting skills; gives inspiration for new approaches to line and wash and, finally, step-by-step demonstrations of ideas and projects. This book is a visual treat and an essential guide for all artists who want to try this exciting technique.
Line and Wash Painting by Liz Chaderton

About the author

Liz Chaderton is a professional artist based in Berkshire. She enjoys exploring all water-based media and shares her discoveries through workshops and writing. This is her third book for Crowood

Press Reviews

Line & wash is a subject that’s been crying out for a book for absolutely ages and this one will not disappoint. This is a powerhouse of a book hiding in a small space.

- Henry Malt