Catherine Ade Stephanie Turnbull
Learn the versatile art of lithography and explore its expressive potential
This practical book explains how to create and print your own lithographs. With clear step-by-step sequences, it explains the full process that depends fundamentally on water not mixing with grease. It includes new methods and ideas in an up-to-date practical guide that covers everything from studio set-up through to mixing inks for edition printing, and then explains alternative techniques such as Lo-shu washes, negative drawing, transfers and Manière Noire. This book is an invaluable reference as you explore the beautiful and expressive potential of one of the oldest printmaking techniques.
The processes – stone lithography, ball-grained plates (aluminium and zincography) and photoplates
Inks and paper – edition printing, multiple transfer techniques and alternative drawing materials
Recipes – quick reference guide and reminder for mixing etches, processing chemicals, mixing tusche and making drawing materials
Lithography by Catherine Ade Stephanie Turnbull

About the author

Based at The Lemonade Press in Bristol, where they teach and develop their own art practice and research.

Stephanie Turnbull is based at The Lemonade Press in Bristol, with Catherine Ade

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