LMS/BR Class 7 4-6-0 Rebuilds

David Clarke
A comprehensive look at the LMS/BR Class 7 4-6-0 rebuilt locomotives, including the rebuilt Jubilees, the rebuilt Patriots and the rebuilt Royal Scots. The book includes hundreds of photographs and feedback from the original crews that operated the engines. Topics covered include: origins of the rebuilt Class 7s in the 1940s and the design of the 2A boiler; differences between the classes; liveries, names and finally, name plates; detailed allocation tables. There are chapters on the rebuilt Class 7s to the rescue - the severe winter of 1962/3; the decline of the Class 7s and withdrawal in the 1960s and finally, the preservation of the Class 7 rebuilds.
LMS/BR Class 7 4-6-0 Rebuilds by David Clarke

About the author

David Clarke has authored a number of books on both steam and diesel locomotive classes. This will be his ninth book on a railway subject. He previously wrote Hinckley Triumphs - The First Generation for Crowood, on the modern Triumph motorcycles - his other passion if life. He recently retired from an international energy company, where he was an IT Integration Manager.