Loch Fisher's Bible

Stan Headley
Scotland's stunning lochs are abundant in wild brown trout. The fishing of wild brown trout has been the heritage of the common man for generations. Out of this legacy has come the art form which we call traditional, or simply 'loch style', fly fishing. In The Loch Fisher's Bible, Stan Headley has succeeded in bringing this ancient and venerable practice up to date, and in doing so has debunked and demystified loch fishing in particular and fly fishing in general. He has replaced myth, fable and fairy story with science, technology and understanding. Now, armed with this unique book, both novice and experienced fly fisher alike will have a far greater understanding of fish behaviour and successful fishing techniques.
Loch Fisher's Bible by Stan Headley

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About the author

Stan Headley's quest to learn all he can about loch fishing for wild trout has taken him to most of the best wild trout fishing locations in Scotland and Ireland. He started writing articles for the national angling press in the early 1980s, and the high spot of his fishing career was winning the Scottish National Fly Fishing Championship in 1990. Stan Headley is the author of the highly successful Trout & Salmon Flies of Scotland.