London Railway Stations

Chris Heather
Built as part of the massive expansion of Great Britain's railway network during the nineteenth century, London's thirteen mainline railway stations are proud symbols of the nation's industrial and architectural heritage. Produced in association with The National Archives, and profusely illustrated with period photographs and diagrams, London Railway Stations tells the story of these iconic stations and of the people who created them and used them. Though built in an age of steam, smoke, gas lamps and horses, most retain features of their original design. This book will bring new light to these old buildings, and help you to see London's mainline stations through new eyes.
London Railway Stations by Chris Heather

About the author

Chris Heather is the Transport Records Specialist at The National Archives in London where he has worked as a cataloguer of the records and as a research adviser for over thirty-three years. During this time he has built up an extensive knowledge of the railway records held at the Archives, and those of his other specialism - 19th century prisons, crime and transportation to Australia.