Lurchers as Pets

Carol Baby
A beautifully illustrated guide to keeping lurchers as pets, whether owning your dog from a puppy or adopting through a rescue charity. With detailed information on all aspects of care and practical advice on ownership throughout, Lurchers as Pets is essential reading for anyone considering owning a lurcher, or wanting to better understand and care for their dog. Further topics covered include puppy care and rescue lurchers; diet, grooming and health; socialization and play; training - recall, retrieve, muzzle training and basic commands; problem solving and behavioural issues and finally, responsible lurcher ownership including legal requirements.
Lurchers as Pets by Carol Baby

About the author

Since retiring from a career in education, and having trained in dog behaviour, Carol Baby, works voluntarily for Greyhound Rrescue West of England, as the National Behavioural Support Officer. She is committed to improving people's knowledge and understanding of lurchers and Greyhounds. She is the author of Retired Greyhounds - A Guide to Care and Understanding (Crowood).