Machine Embroidery

Claire Fell
Embroidering with a sewing machine is exciting, immediate and affordable; this practical book shows you how to do it. Packed with encouraging advice, it introduces the sewing machine before explaining how to design, plan and make your own embroideries and turn them into finished items to treasure. Topics covered include: learning how to set up the machine and carry out basic cleaning and maintenance; discovering which thread types, fabrics and mixed media elements are most suitable for machine embroideries; exploring how to use the pressure foot to turn functional utility stitches into exciting surface decoration; working freely with dropped feeder teeth and an embroidery foot, and learning how to alter the tension to create different effects and finally, using soluble film to enhance your pictures, and stitch realistic thread paintings of landscape, animal and bird embroideries. With over 900 colour photographs and illustrations, it is the perfect companion for both those new to machine embroidery and those looking for new ideas and inspiration.
Machine Embroidery by Claire Fell

About the author

Claire Fell is a successful textile artist based in Warwickshire. After a fine art training at Chichester, she worked as an ecclesiastical embroiderer. She is now an established and respected machine embroiderer, sharing her skills through teaching and writing articles, and through this, her first book.

Press Reviews

This is an in-depth study on how to get the best decorative results from your machine - and yourself. If you want to explore this area, this book should be your road map.

- Stitch Magazine