Machine Knitting Techniques: Cables

Bill King
Cables are a traditional knitwear favourite and feature increasingly in contemporary fashion collections. By simply crossing stitches over, in effect altering the order in which they are knitted, patterns from the simplest twist to the most intricate directional patterns can be produced on even the simplest knitting machine. Once a few basic techniques have been mastered, the number of cable designs available is virtually endless. With the learning of a few more advanced methods, different directions soon suggest themselves, giving scope for the knitter’s own creativity to truly flourish.
Machine Knitting Techniques: Cables by Bill King

About the author

BILL KING has been fascinated by the knitting process for the past forty years, and is a freelance designer working closely with the knitwear industry, experimenting with knit structures and techniques in relation to current fashion trends. He has written a regular feature for Machine Knitting Monthly for the past fourteen years and holds regular knit workshops in the UK and overseas.

Press Reviews

This is a fantastic book which I am sure will become a classic and is a must-have for anybody who is interested in knitting cables on their machine. I'm sure I will come back to it again and again. Be prepared to push yourself past your comfort zone and if you are new to machine knitting be patient that you have this to look forward to once you have mastered the basics.

- Nic Corrigan, Machine Knitting Community

Anyone who has seen Bill King’s amazing work at a seminar, or attended one of his workshops, will appreciate this book. If you love cables, as I do, this is the one for you!

- Brenda Smith, Slipknot

The author’s voice rings out from every sentence as he clearly sets out the problems and their solutions. I can imagine him at one of his workshops, explaining his ideas and seeing the dawning realisation on his students’ faces as they begin to understand. Time to get that knitting machine out of the attic, I think.

- Sarah A. Kelly,Journal of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers