Machine Knitting Techniques: Texture and 3D Effects

Amber Hards
For machine knitters with a few basics under their belt or for those with more experience, this book aims to inspire and spark new ideas whilst working with traditional methods. It offers plenty of inspiration and encourages you to explore and experiment with confidence to produce exciting, tactile knitwear. It showcases the limitless possibilities of fabrics achievable with domestic knitting machines and demonstrates a variety of techniques, such as using yarns with different properties, the functions of the carriage and machine, and various ways of applying texture to the fabric.
Chapters are organised into seven different techniques, with step-by-step instructions and images detailing how each technique is created. Considers yarn types, functions of the carriage and hand manipulation whilst on the machine. Provides tips for working with highly textured or 3D fabrics, from avoiding mistakes and dropped stitches to working out tension squares. Includes three full patterns, to practise working with the techniques on a larger scale
Machine Knitting Techniques: Texture and 3D Effects by Amber Hards

About the author

Amber Hards is a knitwear designer/maker producing luxury knitwear accessories and garments. She graduated with a degree in fashion and textiles design, winning an innovation award from the Craft Council, before developing knitwear collections and products for her label Amber Hards. She has been teaching machine knitting both in person and online to people from all over the world since 2016.

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