Maintaining and Repairing Old Houses

Bevis Claxton
Repairing, even just painting, an old house with some of today's conventional building materials could begin processes leading to decay, or bring about changes that erode interest and value. Old house owners have a big investment to protect and many will want to do this as economically and sustainably as possible.
Maintaining and Repairing Old Houses by Bevis Claxton

About the author

Bevis Claxton is a conservation architect with experience of repairing and adapting old buildings including historic properties open to the public, churches and old houses great and small, listed and unlisted. He is a regular contributor to magazines and co-founded the website to help owners of old houses gain an understanding of the benefits of appropriate care, and an appreciation of those traditional, common-sense techniques that can be obscured by modern-day building practices. Resident - Essex