Maintaining Longcase Clocks

Nigel Barnes Austin Jordan
Longcase clocks were invidually hand-made during the golden age of change that took place between the late seventeenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Longcase clocks with their seventeenth century clock-making technology were innovative and incorporated an accurate pendulum clock within an attractive piece of domestic furnishing. This invaluable book is essential reading for all those who own and collect longcase clocks as well as clock repairers, horologists and conservationists.
Maintaining Longcase Clocks by Nigel Barnes Austin Jordan

About the author

Nigel Barnes runs an antique restoration business with his partner ( in the west of Ireland. He is a member of the Antiquarian Horological Society and describes himself as an enthusiastic amateur horologist, relying on his engineering background and a family history in clock making that stretches back to the eighteenth century.
Austin (Clock) Jordan carries on the craft of clock restoration. He inherited the family fascination with time and all aspects of horology from his father, Michael, who was a fourth generation watch and clockmaker. Austin formalized his training with three years of study at the Irish-Swiss Institute of Horology in Dublin and was awarded professional membership status by the British Horological Institute in 2009. He continues to provide a clock restoration service in Kildare, Ireland.