Making (Almost) Instant Puppets

David Currell
This wonderful book is packed with a range of quick, inexpensive ways to make the main types of puppet using objects that are spare, scrap, recycled or easily accessible. With imagination and creative flair, it explains the principles and techniques that can transform a plastic bottle into a hippopotamus hand puppet or a few cardboard rolls into a dancing marionette. Alongside the practical information, it also gives staging advice so that your puppets can perform as living and believable characters. This is truly a book that will bring the magical world of puppet theatre within reach of everyone, whatever their time or resource limits.
Making (Almost) Instant Puppets by David Currell

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About the author

David Currell is widely recognized as a leading authority on puppet theatre. He has written extensively on puppets and puppet theatre. A UNESCO puppetry consultant, he was co-founder of the national Puppet Centre and was its chairperson for nearly twenty years.

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