Making Fast Electric Model Power Boats

Ian Williams
Fast electric model power boats have long outclassed other boat types in terms of speed, and racing them is becoming an ever-more popular pastime. Success in this exciting hobby relies not just on the skill of the boat’s handler, but on the design and build of the boat as well. Illustrated with numerous photographs and diagrams showing technical details, this book looks at all aspects of building a model electric power boat, including How to choose a model and spot design flaws, especially in moulded hulls, and how to repair many of those faults, Brushed and brushless motors, and their speed controllers, drive systems and propellers, Guidance on rechargeable cells and the correct chargers, and safety tips for lithium polymer cells, Tips on construction and how to set up a boat for racing, Detailed instructions for building a wooden three-point outrigger hydroplane and Radio systems, wiring and connectors. While the emphasis of this book is on performance for competition use, beginners and recreational boaters are well catered for as many of the chapters start from first principles, rather than assuming a high level of initial competence. It covers all aspects of fast electric boating, from hull design right through to racing at world championships and setting speed records. Therefore, whether you are looking to compete or operate fast electric power boats as a hobby, it is a must-have addition to your library.
Making Fast Electric Model Power Boats by Ian Williams

About the author

Ian Williams has been messing about with model boats, from scale boats to fast electrics and even occasionally RC yachts, for over forty years. In the mid-1990s he ran his own business, Electro-Marine, producing wooden kits for RC outrigger hydroplanes and catamarans. Electro-Marine was also the sole importer into the UK of Hughey Boats products from the USA. During that period, he also wrote monthly articles for Marine Modelling Magazine on both scale and fast electrics.

Now retired, Ian still has scale boats and races fast electric boats with the Northern Amp Draggers club and in the Model Power Boat Association national championship. He is the Public Relations Officer for the MPBA fast electric section and currently the editor of the MPBA’s bi-annual magazine Propwash. He lives near the North East coast with his wife and three guitars.

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