Making Georgian and Regency Costumes for Women

Lindsey Holmes
The Georgian and Regency period was a time of extremes in clothing, from the heights of the extravagant and decorative headdresses to the widths of the panniers. These garments were supported by a wide range of padding, boning, frills and flounces to create shape and texture. This essential book will guide you through the exciting fashions of the time. Suitable for experts and novices alike, it is filled with practical projects ranging from grand gowns to dainty bonnets, all presented with clarity and insight. There are ten detailed patterns, dating from 1710 to 1820 with five suggested variations to show how the patterns can be adapted; eight patterns for contemporary undergarments and seven patterns for accessories. Step-by-step instructions and photographs show how to construct the patterns and lavish photographs illustrate the finished designs.
Making Georgian and Regency Costumes for Women by Lindsey Holmes

About the author

Lindsey Holmes specializes in making costumes for live/filmed performances and static displays, particularly working with museums and heritage sites. She regularly runs workshops and lectures on costume.