Making Model Victorian Stationary Engines

Stewart B Hart
Stationary steam engines provided the power for the Industrial Revolution which changed the shape of the world. Victorian engines that have been preserved now provide the model engineer with examples to turn into fascinating models. This book provides the plans and instructions to make three models of actual steam engines. The projects have been designed around a set of common components. The first project is the simplest and will form the backbone for the manufacture of the other two, which are slightly more challenging and introduce some advanced techniques. The book is suitable for those with limited machining experience and a modestly equipped workshop, and has over 380 illustrations, including scale plans and colour photographs,
Making Model Victorian Stationary Engines by Stewart B Hart

About the author

Stewart Hart is a trained tool maker and manufacturing engineer, with experience in product design and project engineering. With impending retirement, he set up a small home workshop to design and manufacture a range of model stationary engines, specialized tooling and 5” gauge model steam locomotives.

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