Making Scale Models

Mark Friend
Making Small Scale Models is for those who have never made a model before or want to develop or increase their skills. From cutting a straight line to making a scaled human figure that 'lives', through to creating beautifully detailed buildings and finely detailed furniture, the book takes you through each stage of the process. Topics covered include:

Methods for a wide range of disciplines, from theatre design to railway modelling to interior design; Practical guide to tools and materials; Basic techniques for constructing scale models using simple, readily available materials; Step-by-step guides to projects designed to practise and develop skills;

Advanced ideas focus on colour, texture and form to bring models to life.
Making Scale Models by Mark Friend

About the author

Mark Friend has been making models professionally for over twenty years. His work includes large architectural landscapes and small, highly detailed theatre models. He has taught in schools of all kinds and designed productions that range from small-scale plays and open-air opera festivals to large-scale productions at the National Theatre.