Making Small Gas-Fired Boilers for Steam Models

Alex Weiss Kevin Walton
This book describes how to make two vertical and two horizontal copper boilers with a capacity of less than three-bar litres. All four boilers are heated with liquid petroleum gas (LPG) contained in small refillable or disposable tanks. With over 285 colour photographs and diagrams, it includes the tools and equipment required, together with important safety considerations; how to work the various materials to make the necessary parts; step-by-step instructions on the technique of silver solder; the testing regime; a review of various sizes and shapes of gas burners and how to connect them; instructions for building replacements for the well-known Verto boiler, a vertical boat boiler, a portable-engine boiler and a Cornish boiler with Galloway tubes. Finally, there is guidance on the efficient operation and essential maintenance of steam boilers and safety calculations and a list of useful contacts.
Making Small Gas-Fired Boilers for Steam Models by Alex Weiss Kevin Walton

About the author

Alex Weiss, a model maker since his teenage years, later established a model-engineering workshop. Working with Kevin Walton, who provided extensive technical support, they designed and built four new small steam boilers
Kevin Walton, a professional consulting engineer, worked for years with industrial commecial steam and hot-water boilers. He has a well-equipped workshop and has built many different steam engines and boilers for boats, lorries and static use.