Making Vintage 1930s Clothes for Women

Ciara Phipps Claire Reed
From the elegant bias-cut gown to the light and liberating day dress, this book looks at and celebrates the historic silhouettes, fabric cuts and contextual history of 1930s clothing. Equipped with instructions, patterns and enchanting photos, it explores the history of 1930s fashion, and explains how to make a range of versatile thirties-inspired garments. It takes ten examples of 1930s garments, ranging from a lingerie set to a heavy coat, to create a thirties-inspired capsule collection. The patterns are taken from original 1930s garments, with each piece being carefully measured and the patterns scaled down accordingly. Step-by-step instructions for making each garment are complemented by close-up photographs of historic details and decoration. A beautiful and practical book, it will inspire designers, dressmakers and lovers of vintage fashion who want to express themselves through timeless and elegant style.
Making Vintage 1930s Clothes for Women by Ciara Phipps Claire Reed

About the author

Ciara Phipps is the curatorial manager at Southend Museums Service. She works extensively with the dress and textiles collection, and specializes in historic swimwear and exhibition curation.
Claire Reed is the conservator at Southend Museums Service, working extensively across all collections. She previously worked as a theatrical costumier and seamstress, and also spent many years working as a self-employed wedding dressmaker.