Ian Maxwell
Manhunter is the ultimate guide to tracking skills in both wild and urban environments. Written by an experienced tracker, the book looks at the qualities and skills you need to track successfully, the different methods involved, the psychology of tracking, and strategies to deal with counter-tracking techniques. Covering Combat Tracking, Hunter Force, Tactical Tracking, Counter IED, Border Patrol, Police Search, Search and Rescue and Surveillance, Manhunter will help hone the tracking skills needed to find anyone on any terrain or in any weather conditions.
Manhunter by Ian Maxwell

About the author

Ian Maxwell is one of a handful of people who is a Level 3 Combat and Tactical Tracking Instructor. He has tracked people in most countries in the world and has spent time tracking with the United States Border Patrol and US special forces. He has trained British police officers, New Mexico state troopers, Canadian Forces, Kenyan and Tanzanian armed rangers, and members of special forces from around the world. He has also provided information for forensic psychologists and is a registered expert witness. Ian has presented several television programmes on tracking, including his own series Max’s Big Tracks and Big Cat Track. He is a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society, a Winston Churchill Fellow, and has received a medal from HM The Queen for the tracking and conservation of large cats.