David Knowles
MG V8 tells in unprecedented detail the stories of some of the most powerful and exciting cars ever to wear the evocative MG octagon badge.
Topics covered include: The story of each MG V8 model, from concept to development and production. Detailed information tables of notable cars and their chassis numbers for each model, plus special editions and colour charts. Interviews with the original MG V8 design and engineering teams. Background on development and testing work on each model. Rare input and insight from many of the outside suppliers and specialists who helped develop the cars. Information on sales and servicing literature, production changes, product placement, celebrity stories and much more Illustrated with 400 pictures, including concept cars, design sketches and specially commissioned photography.
MG V8 by David Knowles

About the author

David Knowles is one of the foremost MG historians of his generation, and MG V8 digs deep to deliver a story rich in hitherto undiscovered detail. This book is in some ways a return to David's book writing roots, for it was another MG V8 book, written in 1994 when he was the Secretary of the MG Car Club's V8 Register, which set him on the path of mining enthusiastically into British sports car history. The earlier book only covered the cars up to and including the launch of the MG RV8, and the subsequent twenty years have seen fascinating MG V8 developments.