MGF and TF Restoration Manual

Roger Parker
MGF and TF Restoration Manual provides the MGF or TF owner with a complete workshop guide to mechanical and body restoration for the cars. With the MGF in production between 1995 and 2001, and the MG TF until 2011, many of the cars have survived in a structurally and mechanically sound state, without the huge costs and complications of needing a complete body restoration that is so often the case with pre-1980 MGs. Topics covered include: Model overview and parts supply Workshop safety information. Bodywork [external and subframes]. Trim [including hood problems and replacement]. All mechanical components [including head gasket replacement]. Electrical systems [including security systems]. Modification [cosmetic, mechanical and engine].
MGF and TF Restoration Manual by Roger Parker

About the author

Roger Parker bought his first MG in 1973, a 1968 MGB, that he still has in a much-modified form. He continued his passion for modifying MGs with more modern models, leading to an unparalleled knowledge of the mechanics of the MGF and TF. Prior to his retirement, Roger was a police officer for thirty years and he developed the first unmarked police patrol cars with electronic speed detection technology in the late 1980s and was instrumental in the development of ANPR [Automatic Number Plate Recognition] in the 1990s. Since his retirement- Roger has been supporting owners through his technical advisory role within the MG Owners Club.