Mixed-Media Collagraph Prints

Vicky Oldfield
This practical and well-illustrated book gives a full account of how to make bold, dynamic collagraph prints. It explains a range of techniques from drypoint to collagraph, as well as viscosity printing and mixed media. Packed with finished examples, it also celebrates printmaking as an art form in itself, not just as a process for producing multiples, and encourages the artist to find their own distinct style. The book provides inspiration to achieve vibrant textures and exciting surface effects and there are practical tips to encourage you to experiment and play.
Mixed-Media Collagraph Prints by Vicky Oldfield

About the author

Vicky Oldfieldis an artist and printmaker who exhibits widely and also teaches. Her strong images are often inspired by wild flowers and weeds, and made from plates that have been collaged with a variety of materials.

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