David Neat
Model-making: Materials and Methods focuses primarily on the wide variety of materials that can be employed to make models; those which have been favoured for a while and those which are relatively new. The book looks at how these materials behave and how to get the best out of them, then illustrates a range of relatively simple methods of building, shaping, modelling, surfacing and painting with them.

Useful features of the book include:

The different uses of models in various disciplines

The sequence of making; planning and construction, creating surfaces, painting and finishing

Methods of casting, modelling and working with metals

Step-by-step accounts of the making of specially selected examples

Simple techniques without the need for expensive tools or workshop facilities

A 'Directory' of a full range of materials, together with an extensive list of suppliers
Model-making by David Neat

About the author

David Neat has trained both as a theatre designer and a teacher. He is a practising sculptor and model-maker with more than twenty-three years professional experience. He currently tutors at five leading design colleges in and around London, as well as regularly running his own courses in model-making. Resident - Surrey