Model Making

Jack Pratt
Learn to create miniature models using a wide range of objects and materials found in your own home. Model making can be an expensive endeavour, requiring investment in many tools, paints and materials. However, there are many model making techniques that can help to solve these problems and align the model maker with an ever-more sustainably focused world. Aimed at the student, hobbyist and professional alike, this book aims to demonstrate how everyday materials can be used to create the most amazing miniature effects while being more mindful of the environment and saving money. In addition, several chapters focus on general model making knowledge including tools and equipment, paints, washes and finishes, airbrushing, adhesives, health and safety and professional model making practice. The final chapters cover three projects relating to railway modelling, dioramas and wargaming. Each project explains the concept and why certain materials have been chosen, before exploring the build through a step-by-step process so that the true effect of these techniques can be shown.
Model Making by Jack Pratt

About the author

Jack Charrington Pratt is a freelance model maker and lecturer who has worked within the film and TV industry as well as teaching at universities and colleges across the country. Jack currently works at The Northern School of Art, teaching on the 3D Design course.

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