Model Planes

Martyn Pressnell
Model flying is a challenging and exciting hobby as well as a recognized international sport. The broad principles of flight as applied in full-size aviation are just as important to flying models, but these principles are not always recognized or understood fully by aeromodellers. Written specifically with aeromodellers in mind, Model Planes: Aerofoils and Wings is a practical guide to the aerodynamic principles of the 'aerofoil' and the way that wings produce lift, which is vital to establishing flight. Included are over forty ready-to-use aerofoil sections in a range of typical sizes, together with a detailed method of plotting these sections on a home computer, using Excel or a similar software. A comprehensive glossary provides clear explanations of the modelling terminology used, and diagrams illustrate key principles and themes. Written by a distinguished aerospace engineer with a passion for modelling, this comprehensive volume is perfect for the enthusiastic aeromodeller, whether starting out or looking to hone their craft.
Model Planes by Martyn Pressnell

About the author

Martyn Pressnell has been an aircraft enthusiast since childhood, becoming an experienced model designer by the age of eighteen.On graduation, he joined Handley Page to train as a professional airframe structures engineer. He went on to work at what is now the University of Hertfordshire, becoming Group Head, Aerospace Engineering, in 1992. For a time he was a CAA-designated Chief Stress Engineer in the airship business. Now retired, Martyn is as busy as ever pursuing model aircraft technology and acting as a consultant in airframe structures to the Engineering Sciences Data Unit, providing information to the aerospace industry worldwide.

Press Reviews

Well written and accessible to readers if varied aerodynamic backgrounds...This book is aimed at modellers and written by a modeller and is thoroughly recommended for anyone wanting to better understand why a designer has chosen a particular section, or if they wish to go on and adapt or design their own model.

- Reviewer, Aeromodeller

Martyn's book is well illustrated throughout, with a large number of clearly annotated drawings and well-produced photographs. It is highly recommended for a wide range of modellers, from those who just want an easy to read understanding of the basic principles of aerofoils, as well as more academic readers who will eagerly absorb the book's wealth of technical information and who will want to work through the mathematical equations and formulas provided.

- Reviewer, RC Modelworld