Modelling and Painting World War I Allied Figures

Mike Butler
This practical guide will enable you to create your own realistic small-scale models from the period of The Great War, specifically those involving the forces, aviation and armoured cars of Great Britain, the Commonwealth, France and Belgium. It also touches on other Allied Nations, Russia and Italy. With over 325 high quality photographs, this book covers what soldiers looked like in WW1, with actual clothing and equipment examples for use as reference. There are ‘step by step’ projects of figures and busts from concept to completion using a wide range of scales, mediums and materials. Each project is explained with an ‘Important Steps’ and ‘Key Points’ guide, plus painting palette recommendation. ‘How to’ illustrations demonstrating techniques and highlighting details are included as well as 'How to’ explanations of painting techniques to create realistic-looking skin, clothing and equipment textures like serge battledress and canvas webbing. Many tips are given on how to set up your projects to ensure you are ready to begin experimenting with your own approach. Use these tips to help grow your confidence in sculpting, converting and painting your WW1 projects.
Modelling and Painting World War I Allied Figures by Mike Butler

About the author

Mike ‘The Kiwi’ Butler has been military modelling for over 40 years and focused on figures since the 1990s. He served in the New Zealand Army as an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer for over 11 years and this fostered a passion for representing authentic, accurate miniatures of servicemen and women. His artworks have been recognised with awards and featured in many articles internationally.

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