Modelling and Painting World War Two US Figures and Vehicles

Ray Haskins
This book covers the modelling and painting of US armed forces in the Pacific, on D-Day and during the liberation of Europe in 1/35, 1/56, 1/72 and 1/76 scales. Historical overviews set the scene followed by detailed step-by-step modelling and painting guides for the creation of accurate and realistic models, whether for display or wargaming. With over 250 colour photography, this book includes the following models for Personnel: infantryman, paratrooper, Ranger, Marine, airmen, combat engineers, tank crew and General George S. Patton. For Weapons: small arms and artillery. For Vehicles: tanks, half-tracks, tank destroyers, jeeps, armoured cars and many more.
Modelling and Painting World War Two US Figures and Vehicles by Ray Haskins

About the author

Ray Haskins received his first model Airfix kit when he was five years old and this sparked not only a life-long hobby, but also his career, in modelling and painting figures and vehicles. His company is Ray Haskins Figure Painting.

Press Reviews

Lots of useful hints and tips in here and a good reference for whichever theatre of operations you are interested in. A very useful book for modellers and wargamers alike.

- Robin Buckland