Modelling Heavy Industry

Arthur Ormrod
Railway layouts often depict a branch line in a rural or urban setting, with the majority of locomotive models available representing passenger trains. However, increasingly, ready-to-run models of industrial locomotives are becoming available, providing the unique opportunity to place them into an industrial context. This highly illustrated book provides all the guidance and inspiration needed to begin placing these models in their natural, industrial environment.
Modelling Heavy Industry by Arthur Ormrod

About the author

Arthur Ormrod has had a lifelong interest in railways and railway modelling. He was brought up in west Manchester surrounded by both railway and industrial activity and found the many local industrial railway systems a source of endless fascination. In the early 1970s he worked at two large British Steel Corporation plants, which left him with an abiding interest in the iron and steel industry, both its history and its operations. Not surprisingly he now incorporates the modelling of large industrial structures and industrial systems into his general railway modelling activities.