Modelling Naval Ships in Small Scales

Mike McCabe
This book provides a wealth of practical guidance on building and painting realistic model naval ships aimed at those who are new to this hobby through to the experienced modeller. An in-depth look at the creation of four models is included: the Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring (Dragon), the pre-war aircraft carrier USS Wasp (Aoshima), the River-class frigate HMS Nadder (Starling Models) and the 'pocket battleship' Admiral Graf Spee (Academy). With a focus on the popular kit scales of 1/700 and 1/350 in the waterline style, this book demonstrates the techniques used in building model ships, from the basic to the more complex, larger-scale models requiring many differing skills. There are chapters on the fundamentals such as building resin kits, painting and weathering, rigging and creating a water effect. It provides guidance on more advanced techniques such as the use of photo-etched parts and creating rough-water effects. Finally, it is packed with helpful tips and finishing touches, such as making flags and how to take professional-standard photographs of your completed model.
Modelling Naval Ships in Small Scales by Mike McCabe

About the author

Mike McCabe has been building models for fifty years, with half of that time almost exclusively on model ships. As the owner of Starling Models - a producer of resin kits - and the winner of numerous competition medals, as well as a judge at international shows, he is uniquely placed to pass on his knowledge and experience.

Press Reviews

While I have concentrated on modelling military vehicles and aircraft in over 55 years of modelling, I have always built the occasional ship, especially in 1/700. So while I am familiar with many aspects of modelling, I found a lot of useful tips and ideas in here which I hadn't known or thought of before, so whether you are a beginner or more experienced naval ship modeller, there is plenty to learn in here. Very happy to recommend this one.

- Robin Buckland

This is a great modelling book with techniques applicable to all modelling. It is inspirational, would make an agreeable present and is strongly recommended both for the general interested reader, the collector and the modelling enthusiast.

- Martin S Pike, reviewer Miniature Wargames