Modelling US World War II Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Tom Cole
Aimed at military model makers and wargamers who are interested in the armoured fighting vehicles of the United States as used throughout World War II, this book follows on from Modelling British World War II Armoured Vehicles by the same author. The book places its emphasis on US Army and US Marine Corps AFVs modelled mainly in 1/72 and 1/48 scales, in a deliberate departure from the more popular 1/35 scale, to encourage and inspire model makers who are new to or less familiar with these scales. Illustrated with over 270 colour photos this book features every major US AFV used in World War II, with many models shown in various stages of construction and paintings. It presents step-by-step guides demonstrating the painting techniques appropriate for different scales and includes an additional section showing how to paint wargames models. There is also a review of how the USA developed tanks and other armoured vehicles from the interwar period through to the end of World War II. This fascinating story will help model makers and wargamers give the vehicles they build an historical context.
Modelling US World War II Armoured Fighting Vehicles by Tom Cole

About the author

Tom Cole is a former RAF Engineering Officer who has built military vehicle models since his teenage years. This is Tom’s fourth book on the subject of military model making, and he has regularly contributed to military model making magazines. Tom is a proud father and grandfather and is looking forward to more babysitting now this book is finished!

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