Modelling World War 1 Trench Warfare

Andy Belsey
Aimed at both the beginner and more experienced modeller, this is a guide to the design, planning and creation of realistic models in 1:285 and 1:32 scales. Covering British, French and German trenches of the Western Front, this book includes the different construction, materials and repair methods used during the conflict. Each chapter includes the historical background, together with step-by-step instructions. With over 300 photographs, this book includes: why trenches were a necessity to save lives and how they adapted through the war; how to build models of British 'ideal' and typical trenches, a wet soil trench, improved shell hole, front line dugout, tunnels and mines, and a hospital tent. Construction advice is given for typical French and German trenches, together with a reversed German trench (modelled under British control) and a German concrete bunker. The creation of artillery models, realistic groundwork and plants is covered along with perfecting fine details such as tools, clothes, mess tins, shaving equipment, cigarette packets and letters from home. Finally, there is a guide to visiting the trenches today, a trench glossary and useful measurements at 1:32 scale.
Modelling World War 1 Trench Warfare by Andy Belsey

About the author

Andy Belsey managed to turn his childhood hobby into a career and has been dbuilding architectural models for 40 years. His passion for the Great War began while researching his family's involvement, which in turn led to the creation of his World War 1 trench models. Although this is his first book, he has written many magazine articles and blog entries about his work. He is known for developing simple construction methods that produce excellent end results and he is always finding ways to refine his work.

Press Reviews

The skill and detail in Andy's models is an absolute delight, and he shares his skills in a host of well explained hints and tips of how to build your own WW1 trench models, adding the lovely WW1 Tommy's War figures, plus doing some straightforward conversions with them as well. You will also gain a greater understanding of the way the famous trench systems of the Western Front were constructed by the 3 main nations involved, Britain, France and Germany. Definitely one I'd recommend.

- Robin Buckland

Wonderfully presented, great pictures, background information and tips. My congratulations to Andy Belsey, I say you've created a gem.

- Tommy's War Modellers Group

A very good book for anyone interested in this conflict. The construction of every type of work on the Western Front is presented in great detail. This then gives instruction on how to achieve the same result.The illustrations are superb and th whole book is well worth a place on the shelf. Brilliant publication.

- Anthony Kirkham

Excellent title, packed with information & good-quality photographs, & laid out in an easy to read format. Step-by-step descriptions of all the vignettes included, & tools, techniques & colour guides. Highly recommended! "

- Chris Oldfield

This fascinating book has a somewhat misleading title that doesn't do it full justice. While the ostensible subject is modelling this is, in fact, a deeply researched and highly informative study of trenches and field fortifications on the Western Front during World War 1 more generally. The author is, he tells us, 'a modelmaker who enjoys history' and his skill both as a modelmaker and as a historian is evident throughout....One of the best modelling books I have read this year and the historical research that underpins it really makes it a book that deserves to be on the
shelf of everyone with an interest in World War I. Highly recommended.

- David Grummitt, reviewer Military Modelcraft International

I have had the great good fortune of working with archaeologists excavating British and German trenches on the Western Front in both France and Belgium. This led to the opportunity to work with film directors such as Sam Mendes and Stephen Speilberg to build trench locations for films such as '1917' and 'War horse. Andrew Belsey's book 'Modelling World War 1 Trench Warfare' came as a revelation. Drawing on unimaginable skill in creating miniatures and backed by in-depth research his book is a 'must have' volume for modellers, but will be a useful guide for armchair historians of the period and battlefield tourists. It should be on your book shelf or better still in your car as you tour the battlefield where, very largely, the trenches are now the 'battlefield beneath our feet'.

- Andy Robertshaw, Battlefield Partnerships