Modern Body Armour

Martin J Brayley
Modern Body Armour traces the development of individual ballistic protection from the multi-layer silk garments and metal plates used during World War One and through to the Korean War and Vietnam, to the state-of-the-art armour currently used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Contents include the Chemico Shield and Infanterie Panzer of World War One, USAAF aviator's armour of World War Two, the Korean War M1951 and M1952A, and the IOTV and USMC Scaleable Plate Carrier currenty used by US forces. This work illustrates all of the primary armour patterns in use with the world's major nations from 1914 to the present day.
Modern Body Armour by Martin J Brayley

About the author

Martin J Brayley is a professional photographer and author, specializing in works on uniforms and militaria. He served in the armed forces for twenty-four years and has a keen interest in all aspects of military history, particularly the uniforms and equipment of the twentieth century. He is also a dedicated military researcher and collector and regular contributor to the French magazine Militaria.