Multimedia Building Techniques for Scale Model Aircraft

Robin Carpenter
This is a practical guide to getting the best from the many resin and etch detailing kits available to enhance scale model aircraft, and is intended to help beginners and experienced model makers alike. Richly illustrated, it uses six model-building examples, from the very basic application of etch to the major conversions. It includes an overview of the tools required; guidance on building the basic model kit; an explanation of different types of multimedia; the methods for producing etched brass; how to undertake 3D design and 3D printing and, finally, gives the steps for successful resin casting.
Multimedia Building Techniques for Scale Model Aircraft by Robin Carpenter

About the author

Robin Carpenter has been a keen model maker since childhood; he has also worked on a variety of real aircraft over a twenty-year career in aviation. He has entered his models into many shows, winning awards at national level. He is best known for his airbrush painting, and is the author of Airbrushing Scale Model Aircraft for Crowood.

Press Reviews

If you are wanting to make that 'masterpiece' model or simply just add improved detail, and have the time (and money), then this book is for you.

- Constant Scale