Narrow Boats

Michael Stimpson
Narrow Boats: Ownership, Care and Maintenance is a practical manual for readers who are new to boating or wanting to buy a narrow boat. It provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of owning a narrow boat and will enable readers to get the most out of their own narrow boat, whether used for occasional weekends only, or lived on all year round. This book includes a brief history of narrow boating, including types of boats and their purpose; what to look when buying a boat; ongoing maintenance required, painting, electrics, plumbing and engines; how to be a responsible boater and finally, a useful glossary is included of boating and canal-related terms.
Narrow Boats by Michael Stimpson

About the author

Michael Stimpson has fifty years' interest in our canal system and owns a narrowboat 'Spirit' built in 1974. For the past forty years Michael has been involved in the waterways movement. He served for fourteen years as South East Region Secretary for the Inland Waterways Association followed by ten years as a member of the IWA's Council. His most important role in respect of this book is his occupation in the Marine Insurance Industry through which he has been reading surveys on narrow boats over the last forty years for both underwriting the risk and following a claim.