Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink

Sarah Morrish
This beautiful book combines the author’s extensive ecological knowledge with art, and her passion for drawing with ink. It is packed with clear instruction and inspirational illustrations, and will be treasured by artists, illustrators, scientists and ecologists alike. Practical advice is given on using a range of materials and equipment for illustrating in pen and ink, as well as the collection and preservation of subject matter and reference material. Detailed instruction is given on how to create essential mark-making techniques that will enhance your illustrations through accurate depiction of shape, form, texture and pattern, and in the principles and elements of design. Subject-themed chapters include plants, strandline and marine specimens, fossils, invertebrates, and mammals. There are step-by-step exercises suitable for all skill levels, and case studies describing working practice as a professional illustrator.
Natural History Illustration in Pen and Ink by Sarah Morrish

About the author

Sarah Morrish is a widely-respected artist, illustrator and tutor, with many years of teaching experience. With a working background in ecology and conservation, she aims to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature in all its forms. She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society and a Fellow of the Linnean Society.

Press Reviews

This utterly comprehensive guide covers, as its title suggests, not just animals but birds, plants, insects and invertebrates as well as ancillary items such as feathers, nests and egg cases. If you’re serious about drawing wildlife in all its forms, you won’t do better.

- Henry Malt - The Artist reviewer

A book by a well educated and very experienced natural history illustrator who writes extremely well - and it shows on every one of its pages making it joy to read.

- Katherine Tyrrell, Making A Mark

This is one of the most comprehensive books around on natural history drawing.

- Henry Malt

Sarah’s illustrations are beautiful and intricate, capturing the beauty of her subjects with sensitivity and skill.

- Jane Stroud, Leisure Painter

Overall this is a brilliant book, perfectly suited to building your natural history drawing skills. The subjects are brought alive by wonderful descriptions and personal experiences. An absolute pleasure to read… I'm sure I’ll treasure it for years to come, and refer back to it again and again.

- Sylvia Myers, Ecologist & Volunteer Manager, NHM

It is a beautiful book, thoroughly researched and exquisitely illustrated. It is an ideal book for students or for anyone thinking of
embarking on a new hobby in art, as well as for nature lovers and lovers of art generally. A pleasure to read - deeply enjoy.

- Endymion Beer, reviewer British Naturalists Association

This is a beautiful guide to the use of traditional pen and ink in natural history illustrations. Because of the book’s well-organized structure and inclusion of some beginner-friendly projects, it would also be a useful resource for instructors to share with their students.

- Camille Werther, reviewer JNSI