Brian Long
This book is much more than just a history of the high-quality cameras and lenses that have made the Nikon brand a household name - it is also a chronicle of the birth of this most famous of Japanese photography equipment manufacturers and the way in which it has evolved over 100 years to keep abreast of advances in technology and ahead of the competition. This fully updated and expanded third edition is heavily illustrated throughout with rare archive material from around the world, and augmented by a feast of original shots and pictures of the cameras in use. The text is backed up by extensive appendices containing everything the avid Nikon collector needs to know.
Nikon by Brian Long

About the author

Brian Long is a professional writer, with around forty books on motoring subjects to his credit. Coming from an engineering background he has been a lifelong fan of photography, and his interests gradually turned from being behind the camera to appreciating what made each model (or lens) special from a technical point of view.

His love of the Nikon brand has been forged out of respect, and he now has an impressive collection of these most famous of high-quality Japanese cameras and the legendary Nikkor lenses that are sold alongside them.