Nordic Modernism

William C Miller
Modernism was instrumental in the development of twentieth and twenty-first century Scandinavian architecture, for it captured a progressive, urbane character that was inextricably associated with, and embraced the social programmes of the Nordic welfare states. Recognized internationally for its sensitivity and responsiveness to place and locale, and its thoughtful use of materials and refined detailing, Nordic architecture continues to evolve and explore its modernist roots. This new book covers the romantic and classical architectural foundations of Nordic modernism; the development of Nordic Functionalism; the maturing and expansion of Nordic modern architecture in the post-war period; international influences on Scandinavian modernism at the end of the twentieth century and finally, the global and local currents found in contemporary Nordic architecture.
Nordic Modernism by William C Miller

About the author

William C Miller is Professor and Dean Emeritus in the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah. Bill has long researched nd published regularly on Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and modern Scandinavian architecture. He has lectured extensively at schools of architecture and to professional organizations. His many honours include being selected an American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellow (1985), elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects (1997), receiving the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Distinguished Professor Award (2004), and being awarded the Bronze Medal (2007) and Lifetime Achievement Award (2013) from the Utah Chapter, American Institute of Architects.