Nutrition for Cyclists

Jane Griffin
Nutrition for Cyclists is essential reading for all keen riders who want to learn about what, when and how much to eat and drink to improve their performance. This practical book shows cyclists how to design the right diet that will allow them to incorporate a rigorous training regime into a busy lifestyle. With over 30 years' experience of working with sportsmen and women at the highest levels, Jane Griffin explains the background science behind her dietary advice and addresses the day-to-day concerns of today's two-wheeled enthusiasts. Topics include: the energy requirements of the cyclist; effective meal planning for training and competition; how to stay hydrated and how to rehydrate efficiently; eating to aid recovery from illness or injury; supplements and Ergogenic Aids; how to lose weight and maintain performance and finally, special advice for younger, older, female and vegetarian cyclists.
Nutrition for Cyclists by Jane Griffin

About the author

Jane Griffin is a Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist and a Registered Dietitian. Nutrition for Cyclists is her fourth book published by Crowood, previous books being Food for Sport (2001), Nutrition for Marathon Running (2005) and Food for Rugby (2007). Jane set up her nutrition consultancy in 1980 and as the Consultant Nutritionist to the British Olympic Association from 1990 to 2000 she worked with a wide range of sportsmen and women including cyclists.

Press Reviews

"Diet and nutrition are as key a part of cycling as the pedals or chain."

- Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition British Cycling/Team Sky